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A Place for Well-being

736 SE 60th Portland OR 97215

Located at the foot of Mt Tabor Park Heart of Tabor is a group of individual Healthcare providers offering Massage, Chiropractic, Acupuncture and Family Health in a peaceful environment.

We invite you to open your heart and mind and explore our quality practitioners by opening the links below.


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Greg Fillmore D.C.

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Chiropractic treatment that has a specific focus on movement. I specialize in chiropractic manipulation, soft tissue work, rehabilitation exercises, and patient education to get you back feeling your best. In the office I work with you in order to get you back  doing the things you love.


Aleksandra Giedwoyn MD

A family medicine physician that offers Functional Medicine consults, which emphasize healthy lifestyle, nutrition - “food as medicine,” and less on pharmaceuticals. I collaborate with an array of traditional medical specialists and alternative holistic providers and practice the full scope of primary care: routine well-child exams, adult preventative and gynecological exams, visits for acute illness, injury and chronic problems such as diabetes and hypertension.  I am also trained in several gynecologic procedures and basic skin procedures. 


Alison Punton LMT

I believe massage and bodywork should be effective and relaxing. By using Bio-dynamic techniques I take the time to warm up the tissue, listen to the inner body and be available for whatever changes come. My work is guided by what you are presenting at the moment versus an agenda to"fix you". The results are longer lasting to permanent body changes. 
With 20 years experience I provide a  caring environment along a variety of ways to work with the individual to ensure comfort.


Kecia Fox MSOM LAc

At Well Forest Acupuncture I find it imperative to use a gentle, hands-on approach to help create a sense of safety and calm in our always-on, overstimulated society. All treatments are thoughtfully tailored to each individual based on their unique life story and experience. Those who receive Chinese medicine feel a sense of relief knowing that their body, mind and spirit are truly seen and not simply viewed as sick or damaged. I  integrate multiple modalities, from acupuncture, bodywork and fire cupping to gua sha and herbal medicine to help with pain management, nervous system support and skin health. 


Kimo Shotz LAc

My vision at Oasis Acupuncture & Integrative Medicine is to provide a pleasant healing space where patients experience positive and motivating changes towards better health.  Life presents us many challenges.  Our bodies and emotions reflect our experiences.  East-Asian medicine excels in re-balancing our mind and body systems, reducing pain, expediting and enhancing healing from physical and emotional trauma.  After years working as a practitioner in western healthcare settings I know how seeking care can be intimidating or frustrating.  I want my patients to look forward to their visits, and to leave each visit with a sense of relief, of feeling nourished, supported, respected and inspired.


Elizabeth Newell LMT 

At Fearless Heart Bodywork, I partner with you to use breath and movement to bring space to stuck places so that you can begin to move with more tenderness and forgiveness for yourself and others. My practice style is heavily influenced by the modalities and lineages I have studied, including acupressure, myofascial release, shiatsu, tuina, and qi gong. Through gentle curious palpation of the muscles, fascia and meridians, I listen to what the body is communicating. And with my full attention and presence, I will compress, stretch and rock your physical and energetic bodies into a more open, flowing, relaxed state. During your session, you are on a cushioned mat in loose comfortable clothing, so you feel cozy and safe, encouraging an integrated awareness throughout your being and creating a safe space for the body to release blocked energy and the residue of trauma.


Rodi Bragg

I am a Holistic Esthetician, and Founder of Rose Alchemista, a botanical focused skincare line, handcrafted on my organic farm apothecary here in the PNW. Since 2012 I have been devoted to crafting effective skincare that can inspire your own self care rituals at home, as well as elevate your facial spa experience. Transform your skincare routine. Book a holistic facial to try Rose Alchemista creations in person, along with relaxing facial massage, gua sha and facial cupping.

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